The Tasting Room at Übernachten

A Nano Tasting Room in Historic Hermann

Located in the heart of historic downtown Hermann, you’ll find our tasting room is small (hence the “nano”). And we like it that way. We have enough room to accommodate a gathering of small groups who want to enjoy flights or cocktails without the rambunctious ramblings.

Here, you’ll enjoy a relaxing atmosphere, knowledgeable staff, and a unique menu of cocktails and small plates.

Come visit at 213 Schiller Street
in Hermann, MO.

Guided Flight Tastings

Fruit Vinars Tastings

Looking to expand your horizons and enjoy a new spirit? As an official Edelbrand Pure Distilling tasting room, we offer guided flights of their European-style fruit brandies. Sip on these vinars as we share the rich history and details about the nuanced flavors and aromas.

Introduction to Gin Tastings

Discover the differences between brands and flavor profiles featured in this classic spirit. Join us for a guided tasting flight featuring several of our very-own favorites! We’ll share how the botanicals change the aroma and flavor profiles in your new favorite classic cocktails.

Cocktails & Small Plates

Pours & Glasses

Come enjoy a perfect pour of spirits or glass of wine in our cozy (small) tasting room. From local Missouri wines and spirits to exotic gins, tonics, and mixers we have something to light up your taste buds and lift your spirits!


Not every drink is created the same. Our enthusiasm for spirits, flavor, and fresh ingredients results in seasonal cocktails you’ll only find on our menu. 

Coffee Traditions

Whether you’re looking for a mid-day pick-me-up or a warm cup after dinner we invite you to linger a little longer to sip on our espresso specialties.


Classic charcuterie style combinations of meats, cheeses, nuts, chocolates, and palate cleansers to accentuate your flavor experience.

Tasting Room Hours

Wednesday 2-7pm
Thursday 2-7pm
Friday 2-8pm
Saturday 2-8pm

Closed Sunday – Tuesday

An Elevated Experience

Really great experience at the tasting room. Very knowledgeable about interesting gins (even ones non-gin drinkers can embrace) and the Edelbrand brandy options available. Tasting isn’t just a single drink and go but includes tasting recommendations and what I’d call “elevations” (ice, tonic, chocolate, nuts) to enhance and explore the available flavors. I enjoyed the learning experience, welcome atmosphere and attention to detail. Highly recommend.

—K Krysiak

An Elevated Experience

We just did the tasting room, we didn’t stay, but it was a fantastic experience. Jennifer and Caroline were very knowledgeable and very cool! Definitely would go back!

— Marina